MCN: The National Care  Coordination And Telemedicine Network 

Medical Collaboration Network (MCN)- is a national telemedicine care coordination network. MCN is FREE for U.S. providers.

Any U.S. provider with a valid NPI number can join MCN, for free, and exchange HIPAA compliant clinical data: messages and files, as well as hold live video visits with other U.S. providers across organizations and states.

Upgrade MCN with patients & others

Upgrading MCN will generate for you and your practice, a new source of ongoing income. Here are some of the benefits:

✔ Your own private telemedicine network for your patients, staff members, payers and others.

✔ Patient self-scheduling with full calendar and scheduling service

✔ Instant creating of forms for any business need including collecting payments and signatures. appointments.

✔ Instant chat from portal, or ongoing day to day messaging system.

✔  Scheduled and on demand telemedicine visits, with any person.

A Sample Of A Private Telemedicine Network

Who can use MCN?

MCN service was designed to provide telemedicine and care coordination services to any health provider.

The service can be easily integrated to the work flow of any provider as a single link.

This includes but not limited to:

  • Solo Practitioners
  • Physician groups
  • Hospitals at any size and scale
  • ACO Companies
  • Concierge medicine companies
  • Home care and nurses services
  • Nursing homes, assisted living facilities
  • Hospice care facilities.
  • Health personnel in schools
  • Social workers and therapists
  • Mental health professionals.

Why Care Coordination is critical?

There are many reasons why use care coordination and we are sure you aware of most, if not all, of them.

Avoiding repetitive tests, eliminating wrong information and billions in waste, are all valid and noble causes, but how you do it? Now with MCN, and more important, with your active participation, it’s all possible!

Additionally, , now that states have the chance to design and test new models of health care delivery and payment with the goal of improving health outcomes, improving patients experiences, and reducing health care spending, it makes perfect sense for you to use MCN and be prepare for imminent coming change at no cost or investment on your part!

Telemedicine As A Growth Engine For Providers

Telemedicine is about to experience explosive growth. Expand your reach of customers, and generate residual income for you and/or your practice.

The shortage of physicians in rural areas combined with continuous development of telecommunications capabilities are a boon to the market for telemedicine services, according to a new report from Research and Markets.

The global telemedicine market, which stood at $14.2 billion in 2012, will have a compound annual growth rate of 18.5 percent through 2018, according to the report.

A $418 million pilot program to extend broadband networks to rural healthcare providers has been deemed a success by the Federal Communications Commission, particularly in fostering broadband-enabled telemedicine programs.

Ten Reasons Why Providers Should Use MCN.

There are many reasons why, you as a provider, should use MCN. Here are ten of them:

  1. Collaborate, exchange messages and files as well as hold unlimited video meetings with U.S. providers across organizations and states, for free.
  2. National Directory of all providers, all specialties , all states. Locate
    any U.S. provider and send an e-mail invite.
  3. Powerful day to day messaging system with individuals and groups. Every posted message is disseminated automatically to all members of the group
  4. Hold high quality video meetings with up to six participants, screen sharing to all participants and recording of live video.
  5. Create in minutes, under your brand name and logo, your private telemedicine network for your patients, staff members, payers and others.
  6. Portal chat services, with text and audio and or video, at your choice.
  7. Share and view rich content such as medical images, videos and voice messages.
  8. Patient self -scheduling of visits and full calendar services
  9. Instant creation of forms for any purpose. Collect valuable data , payments and signatures from patients, referrals from providers, and much more.
  10. Continue chat conversation with visitors of your portal even after the left the portal.

How can I join MCN

If you are a U.S. provider with a valid NPI number, you can start using the service, at no cost or a credit card.

Register as a provider right here.

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