Instantly, turn your EMR, chatGPT, or workflow to a Live Health Network!


Nationwide Care, One Click Away

Nationwide Care, One Click Away

LiveNetworks is an innovative service that connects its users: providers, patients, and other stakeholders in a seamless healthcare ecosystem.

Instantly , turn your EMR or workflow  to a Live Networkand and benefit from exchanging clinical data from and EMR, referrals, video visits, data collection and distribution  with  millions of providers across organizations and states .

Our platform features a comprehensive national LiveDirectory, boasting millions of healthcare providers across all specialties and states in the United States.

Providers, Patients, and Others

Capture clinical information from any EMR and share it with others as reports and charts.

LiveNetworks is more than just a communication tool – it's a catalyst for transformative collaboration.

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All the contacts and tools you need to manage medical records for the whole family and easily share with any provider regardless of their affiliation or system they use. 


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AI Experts Ready To Answer Your Questions, 24/7. 

Get answers about medications, conditions, clinical studies, prevention, AI experts in 24 Specialties, as well as financial advice to help you cop with hospital and other health related costs..

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Transformative collaboration

 LiveNetworks is more than just a communication tool – it's a catalyst for transformative collaboration by instantly integrating LiveNetworks, with your EMR, or workflow.

Experience the Power of LiveNetworks Integration

Capture and share clinical information from your EMR and share as reports and vivid charts with individuals and groups. Use LiveNetworks and witness the positive impact on their workflows. Empower your application or EMR with our state-of-the-art technology and experience seamless messaging, high-quality video conferencing, and streamlined data management. 

Empower Your Workflow

Don't let the limitations of your current system hold you back. By integrating LiveNetworks, you gain access to a suite of powerful tools that enhance your productivity and efficiency. Experience seamless messaging capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly send and receive messages while working on your application or EMR. Our high-quality video conferencing feature brings face-to-face collaboration to your fingertips, enabling instant communication and eliminating the need for external platforms.

Streamlined Integration in Minutes

No Coding, No delay, instant integration. Take the first step towards a more efficient and collaborative healthcare environment – integrate  LiveNetworks today. You will never look back.

Looking for special solutions or terms?

Need to create special AI system to address specific needs or would like customized EMR or other services?

Click on special solutions. we will contact you soon.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence Across The Board

LiveNetworks connects you to providers across organizations and states, staff members, as well as to patients and others, using a single platform.

To achieve that goal we developed a new technology: LiveNetworks.

Embed all services of LiveNetworks in your application or workflow using few lines of code, or if there is no way to access code for some applications such as, EMR systems ,LinkedIn , Facebook, Salesforce you can install a browser extension, a one time process that takes a minute, and connect live as a built-in solution for these applications.


Use LiveNetworks for all your communication needs: Telemedicine, Live personal portals, practice from home, data exchange, Internal enterprise messaging and across organizations.

Telemedicine Visits

All the tools needed to hold medical consultation, collect payments ( including for Covid-19 consultation). Works well for health systems at any size, for communication across hospitals, clinics and solo providers. API code is available for seamless and instant integration within your site.

Fine Tuned for Social Networks For A Constant Flow of New Customers

As social networks emerge as the best easiest source of customer acquisition for new customers, what could be more relevant than live person addressing inquiries from potential customers and hold video if needed right in the page they found you!

Practicing or Working From Home.

Communicate with employees and coworkers on a regular basis. Hold live video conferencing or chat with any contacts with a push of a button. Never miss a message and respond while working with any application.

Enterprise Messaging For Large Health Systems

Need an internal enterprise messaging system across with multiple companies?as well as communication with outside vendors and others? We have got your covered. All what you expect from a leading communications system and more. API code is available for seamless and instant integration within your site.

Telemedicine Visits & Enterprise Messaging

A single platform for Telemedicine, as well as for external & internal communication seamlessly integrated with your workflow and other applications.

Massive & Steady Flow of New Customers

Learn how you can increase dramatically the business outcome of communication with your LinkedIn contacts. You will never look back, guaranteed.

The New Normal: Practicing From Home

Benefits of working from home can't be denied. Get a solution that will work for you in all scenarios and applications.

Internal & Across Organizations Enterprise Messaging

There are messaging platforms out there. LiveNetworks is different because its ability to integrate with YOUR specific workflow.

Specifications ( ask us for the full list)

Video Conferencing

  • Direct presentation recording of whiteboard and your video over PDF files presentation, ideal for lab test results, etc.
  • View YouTube videos fully synced with attendees
  • View local videos from your PC fully synced with attendees
  • Screen Sharing, screen recording and much more.
  • Video Recording

Enterprise Messaging

  • Enterprise messaging, one-on-one, or for groups
  • Share medical images, forms, reports,  YouTube videos, voice messages, & PDF files
  • No limit of participants per group
  • Built-in dictation in 72 languages including right to left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.


  • Instant creation of forms and surveys for any clinical and business need.
  • Collection of clinical & administrative data payments and signatures.
  • Create and share reports and charts using the built in messaging system, reports and charts from collected data.


  • First of its kind: Your portal is active and live as a BUILT-IN video & chat INSIDE any application or social network!
  • A single link to a live portal that you can share with all of your contacts.
    instant and private video room is created on demand  
  • Rich Content chat
  • Live Video Visit
  • Visit Self scheduling
  • Request any services from a list of services, collect payments and signatures, and more.


What are the possibilities of using LiveNetworks?

You can use the full service from login to our website, or embed the service in your website using a few lines of code we give you to place in your site for seamless integration with your application or workflow, or use browser extension. All three options have full access to all the services of LiveNetworks.

What's the difference between using an API or an extension?

There is no difference. If your users would like to run the service from any website (on top of using it in your site using the API) they can always install the extension which is a one time installation that takes less than a minute.

What is your policy for using the service and trials?

There is no long term and you cancel any time. For trial you can test the system for two weeks for $1 and then pay the monthly fee if you decide to continue.

Do you have group discounts?

Yes, please contact us for more details.

What are the market segments that LiveNetworks serve?

Due to the current pandemic and request for secure and powerful communication we opened LiveNetworks to individuals, including those who work from home, and enterprises, of all sizes and industries as a powerful and secure communication system.

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