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You are going to love Medical Collaboration Network (MCN), because it provides you with control over a most precious asset: your health. Use MCN, the mobile and web platform, to locate the right care giver: a doctor, a specialist, or another health professional from a comprehensive directory of two million U.S providers. Then schedule an office, home, or phone visit, or at your choice, hold a live video meeting with your doctor or your care team, all from the comfort of your mobile or desktop.

MCN is your ideal tool for receiving instant medical advice, from a care giver or a group of health professionals, or to get a second opinion, or just plain patient education, to prevent health problems.

Description of MCN

  • Enterprise messaging system for ongoing HIPAA compliant and secure, real-time communication.
  • High quality video conferencing for online consultations.
  • View along with caregivers and family members, medical images , presentations and YouTube Videos.
  • Detailed and comprehensive directory of all U.S. providers. All specialties, all states.
  • Easy scheduling of office, home, phone and video appointments.
  • Health Summary and easy access to medical records for all family.

Benefits of MCN for patients

National Directory of all U.S. Providers, all specialties, all states.

Find in our comprehensive database the medical expert you need and get a second opinion and the best medical advice you deserve from any physician or dentist of your choice. All specialties, all states.

Easy scheduling, your way

No more crowded waiting rooms, long delays for appointments or phones ringing off the hook with patient questions. Scheduling an appointment and consulting with your care givers is only few clicks away.

Manage your personal health records for you or entire family

Use MCN you can manage personal health information such as conditions, allergies, surgeries, medications, and insurance information. Easily share some or all of the information with a provider or a care team. Share some or all of it with a push of a button.         



Easy and instant access to care givers

No need to take a day off from your job if all you need is to refill prescription or ask for medical advice.

Private, secure HIPAA-compliant communication

Send and receive private, HIPAA compliant, secure messages and files such as test results, medical images and more. Hold live video conferencing meetings with your caregivers from the comfort of your mobile or desktop. Powerful video conferencing in which you can see your doctor or care giver along with your medical images, 3D video animations and video for education and much more.

MCN  places Patients On The Driver Seat

Manage for you and your family all aspects of medical records including medications, allergies, conditions , lab test results and vital signs such as blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature as well as insurance and pharmacy information.

Share with a provider some or all information with few clicks. Gain control on your most precious asset: your health.

Where do I sign up for the service?

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